Transfer and payment

1Choose a domain name you like and make your payment

2Get your password and instructions

3Change ownership and contact information and generate a new password

4The transfer is over

Purchasing a domain name is easy. Just contact us, and we will inform you how to make a one-time payment in USD (major credit cards are accepted). As soon as your payment is processed, you will receive an e-mail, which contains your password and a link to the Registrar domain management area. After you log in, please enter your ownership and contact information and generate a new password. After that the transfer is over. If you have already set up your hosting, you can also input your DNS information and start using the domain name as a website. Otherwise, you can update it anytime later. Domain name rights are transferred to you on the permanent basis, you are only responsible for renewal fees. You can either stay with the current Registrar or move to some other Registar you prefer.

Legal matters
Openmerchant ltd does not own domain names put for sale at our marketplace. To all domain owners that wish to keep their personal information private, we offer privacy services (including WHOIS privacy). Due to this procedure the clients' whois records will be modified and the owner field will be substituted by "Openmerchant ltd, by proxy and reseller agreement 2007-gen-PR" record and the owners' contact data will be replaced by Openmerchant ltd contacts. If you think that your rights are violated by a domain owner that uses our whois privacy service, please contact us at support (at) Please, provide the documentary evidence of a violation (e. g. a trademark certificate). Do not forget to mention the domain name in issue. Upon a prima facie case, we usually suspend the proxy and reseller agreement with the domain owner and restore the owner's contact details in the whois record.