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At any time rendering of the domain name purchase service (“Service”) may be terminated by Openmerchant ltd, (“Termination”) upon notification of the client by electronic mail or by phone.
Openmerchant ltd, shall return all the payments, remitted by the clients and received by Openmerchant ltd, until its termination of Service subject to the some restrictions applicable, e.g.:
no refund is available if the termination of Service was due to material breach by the client of the privacy/proxy agreement or other ICANN policies and regulations (such as willful provision of inaccurate or unreliable information; willful failure to update information provided to Openmerchant ltd, and/or other violations of the ICANN Registrar Accreditation agreement including WHOis accuracy program specification, Specification on privacy and proxy registrations (after the latter comes into force)); a refund may be delayed for the time reasonably necessary in sole discretion of Openmerchant ltd, to investigate the cause for cancellation or termination of the Service. Should a refund be effectuated by Openmerchant ltd, all chargebacks will be credited to the credit card, debit card, or checking account used in the original transaction exclusively, provided that all the service fees and commissions, imposed by the banks, payment services and etc. shall be borne by the client.
All refund requests must be made by the client who initiated the domain name purchase transaction and contain the full name of the client, transaction number and other details which may serve to identify the client as may be reasonably requested by Openmerchant ltd.
Any client, utilizing the Service, may cancel the domain purchase request UNTIL the domain name was transferred to the Client (“Cancellation”) subject to some exceptions apply:
client is eligible for Cancellation past the domain name transfer in case if he provides documentary evidence that the transaction was due to unauthorized or fraudulent use of his credit or debit card or checking account; cancellation request is accompanied with the payment of the penalty fee in the amount of 300 USD.


As a matter of general rule, the client is eligible for instantaneous servicing after accepting the terms and conditions of this site and successful completion of the domain purchase procedure at:
https://openmerchant.com/transfer.html . But in some instances Openmerchant ltd, reserves the right to take a time for running the test of the contact details and other information, provided by the client for closure up a transaction (not to exceed 5 business day overall).
If you need a copy of transaction data/receipt
All clients may request in writing a copy of the transaction data/receipt of payments/charges as a consideration for the Service. Such a request should be sent to the site support team at:
https://openmerchant.com/contactus.html and regularly is responded within 2 business days. The client foregoes this right if such request is not duly made. Business hours for handling the copy of transaction data/receipt requests: 11:00 to 17:00 Central European Time.